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Hey everyone!

It’s Mike, Sam, and our two dogs Bentley and Milli. We are wanderers from the Driftless Area, a hidden gem of the Midwest.

For years we neglected our urges for adventure. Our lives were consumed with three hour daily commutes, overnight shifts, and long work hours. For years we worked shifts opposite of each other, in different cities, and rarely were our work and sleep schedules aligned.

We spent years working on our professional lives for the dream of having more. More stuff, better stuff, newer stuff, and ultimately, all the wrong stuff. Once we came to the realization that it was all just useless stuff, we made the choice that more time and more experiences left us feeling much more fulfilled.

After working hard to align our schedules,  we took positions 10 minutes from home, and rediscovered our love for the outdoors. In the past, one or two hikes each year was a stretch for us. Then, in the winter of 2014, we picked up a set of road bikes. They made it easy for us to explore a larger area together.

Fast forward two winters later, and we began running and swimming together, and even completed our first triathlons. Being active had now become a huge part of our lives, and we were finding ourselves taking several week-long trips each year to unique destinations.

Far from the single weekend camping trip to see Dave Matthews Band at Alpine Valley, the only camping we did the first 7 years together, our travels have now blossomed into spending over a month per year in our self-converted camper van hiking, biking, hot springing, and exploring all over the United States.

Follow along on our journey as we find unique adventures, showcase the beautiful Driftless Area, and build out our custom Sprinter camper van!

Parfrey's Glen

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